Professional experience

In 1988 I started working as a Spanish language translator for English and German in the EU Commission, after having passed the recruitment competition. I held this job until 1994, when I resigned from my position to go back to my teaching job in Spain.
During my six years’ service at the EU Commission I worked in the technical unit; I translated mostly from English and French, as there was less demand for German. I also traslated from Dutch.
Since 2000 I have worked as a free-lance translator, mainly for two Spanish translation agencies, Celer Soluciones  and Celer-Pawlowsky .I handle a very broad range of subject matter;  what follows are just a few examples of documents I have translated or revised:

  • web sites and and advertising material for  BMW
  • UE technical regulations
  • the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS) newsletter
  • the ILO report

as well as pharmaceutical  protocols, instruction manuals, quality manuals, patent applications, etc.

Besides, I am a volunteer translator for Znet en Español  , Rebelión and Tlaxcala

Google provides links to many of my translations by just typing in my name.


High school degree (Abitur) at the German School in Valencia (Spain)
Degree in mathematics, University of Valencia (Spain)


Spanish: Native language
German: Native languages 
Sworn translator for German by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
English: Near-native proficiency 
Certificate of Proficiency in English, Grade A (University of Cambridge)
Sworn translator for German by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
French: Full professional proficiency
Catalan Professional proficiency
Dutch: Limited professional proficiency
Russian: Elementary proficiency
Indonesian: Elementary proficiency


Mi resumé can be downloaded here as a pdf file.

What follows is a brief summary.

I was born in Germany in 1960,  and I lived there until 1976, when I moved to Valencia.  Here I finished my high school studies at the German School and graduated in mathematics at the University of Valencia.
In 1985 I passed a competitive examination and started work as an English teacher  at a Spanish secondary schoool.
In 1988 I was recruited as a translator for the UE Commission. I resigned in 1994 to go back to my teaching job. Since 2000 I have  combined my teaching activity with my work as a technichal and sworn translator.

Certified translations

A  “sworn  translator” or “certified translator” is  a  person appointed and authorized  by  the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate from one or  more  foreign languages into Spanish (and vice versa) or interpret between one or more foreign languages  and  Spanish. Any  translation produced by a sworn translator is an official document in Spain and must  be accepted by all the Spanish authorities as evidence.  The translation must be stamped and signed by the translator.

Technical translations

It is customary to distinguish between literary and technical translation. Here, the term “technical” is used in a very wide sense; it does not refer only to instruction manuals and similar texts, but to any text which  is neither literary nor journalistic, and which frequently uses a highly specialized vocabulary.

Rates - translation

Approximate rates per page are given. Special rates apply for standard documents (birth certificates, university diplomas, etc.)

Certified translation


Technical / scientific translation


Rates – interpreting

Sworn interpreting (German/Spanish,English/ Spanish): 60  € / hour

Consecutive non-sworninterpreting  (English / Spanish,German / Spanish): 60   / hour

Travelling expenses: 20 €  / hour +  0,10 € / km

Rates – revision

Depending on the quality of the translation, between 7,5 €  and 10 €  / page

Translation process

Certified translations:

Please scan the text and send it by e-mail (
If you would rather drop by to hand in the text, please make an appointment by e-mail or telephone (963206850).

I will tell you the price as soon as I have had a look at the text, and if you agree,  I will tell you when you can pick up the translation (you can usually count on it in 48 hours’ time if it is not longer thant 3-4 pages).

Please bring the original document to have it stamped when you pick up your translation. If you live outside Valencia and it is not convenient for you to pick up the translation yourself, I can send it to you by certified mail. In this case, I expect payment in advance, either by bank transfer or PayPal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Technical translations:

Documents must be send by e-mail as Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

Details are arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Published translations

English translation of  “El ecologista nuclear”, by Juan José Gómez Cadenas,

for Springer: “The Nuclear Environmentalist”

Spanish translation of  “A Zeptospace Odyssey” , by Gian Francesco Giudice

for JotDown Books: “Odisea en el Zeptoespacio

What follows is a selection of articles which I have translated into Spanish and which have been published in the internet.

Los beneficios globales de la igualdad (por Joseph Stiglitz, The Guardian)

La neurología de la autoconciencia (por V. S. Ramachandran, EDGE, The Third Culture)

La ciencia y el mundo islámico (por Pervez Hoodbhoy, Physics Today)

El nuevo ateismo (por A. J. Chien)

El depredador, herido, se vuelve más peligroso (por Noam Chomsky, The Guardian)

Tiempos de codicia (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Entrevista con el novelista británico Philip Pullman

Repensar el desarrollo de América Latina y el Caribe para el siglo XXI (por James Petras)

Entrevista con Richard Dawkins (The Independent)

Luces del norte (por Jason Miller)

"La vida de los otros": una emocionante "ópera prima" (por Harald Mühle)

Un mono reclama sus derechos (por Nina Horaczek,  Die Zeit)